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Working in Partnership for a Healthy Donegal

Local Implementation Groups

The development of Primary Care is informed by the Primary Care Strategy “Primary Care – A New Direction” 2001. In this regard, each HSE Area is responsible for establishing a Local Implementation Group which is the primary local vehicle for the development of Primary Care Teams (PCT) and Health and Social Care Networks in the Area, such as Donegal. Implementation Groups operate under the direction of the Local HSE Area Manager as the Chair.

The LIG’s objective is to promote the vision of Primary Care Teams and Health and Social Care Networks in the Area in line with national framework, policies, procedures and guidelines so as to enhance the delivery of primary care services to the local population and to work in partnership with general practice and other key stakeholders in realising this objective. The ultimate aim is to provide seamless and integrated services involving GPs, HSE Staff and the Community/Voluntary sector.

The functions of the LIG are:

  • To oversee and guide the development of primary care teams in the Area in accordance with National Frameworks and Guidance.
  • To develop, agree and drive local plans
  • Identify the critical processes necessary for delivering and implementing plans and maintain an issues log to record all issues/risks and actions.
  • To coordinate the allocation of specific resources, expertise and personnel required to ensure effective implementation of plans.
  • Establish working teams, as appropriate, to consider and deliver specific elements of plans.
  • To provide leadership and direction to staff working in primary care.
  • Establish liaison arrangements with relevant stakeholders to advise and inform implementation and delivery plans
  • Monitor, evaluate and review progress.
  • Identify key learning from individual PCTs and ensure that this influences implementation elsewhere.
  • Assist with resolution of organisational obstacles presenting within the Area relative to development of PCTs.

The membership of the LIG consists of Community Representatives (elected by the County CHF Network), GPs, HSE Clinical Service Heads and HSE Management.